How to Customize Home Screen UI using Nova Launcher

Hey Ever you felt that your Android Smartphone’s screen doesn’t look rich they way you want?? Yep, you feel it every time. Probably None likes that boring stock UI which comes along with the newly bought smartphone.

Ready to give a perfect and rich look to your boring stock UI?? You can give an amazing and unique look to your Smartphone’s Home Screen. Today in this tutorial, you are gonna learn to make your home screen as perfect as you want. It all depends on you how much creative you are. Well, I will be teaching you how you can you do that with few (maybe 3-4) Apps. Keep reading…


As I said you can do that with 3-4 Apps. So Before getting started, let me introduce these awesome apps which are gonna help you in homescreen customization.


You need these apps. Few apps cost you while few don’t.

Nova Launcher Prime is paid Home Screen Launcher which comes with great features such as Gesture, Unread counts, Custom Drawers group, Hide/Show Apps, Icon Swipe and lot of other features. If you have some bucks, you can buy and download it from play store. Nova Launcher is value for money app, you won’t regret once you buy. I would recommend you to buy from Play Store and support developers. If you don’t have money or want to test it out first, you can download it by clicking here

It is a light-weight app and perform better in almost every android device.


You can try any of the widgets. This widget helps you to insert Widget on your Home screen such as Clock, Google Search Bar etc. Both are available for free and Paid. Along with Zooper/Kustom Widget, you need one more for the different custom stylish widget, Stylish Search bar, Stylish Clock/Calendar. You can download widget for Zooper/Kustom for free from Play Store.

If you are using Zooper Widget, you can try Fox for Zooper, RL Zooper Collection, mnml UI for Zooper. For Kustom Widget you can use Huk KWGT, GL Widget, Wolfie for KWGT.


App icons give perfect look your home screen. Both free and Paid icons work well. If you need any paid icon pack you can buy or download from a third-party website. Few of free Icons pack are- Candy corns, Polycom, Delta Icon Pack. App icons play the important role on Homescreen and make it look perfect. For quick access to apps, you can drag apps which you use most.


I think you can find one for yourself. If you don’t know which type of wallpapers to try in UI customization, I recommend, Minimal Wallpapers, Superheroes Wallpapers. There are lot of Apps available for Wallpapers. You can go with Amoled Wallpaper. While Homescreen Customization you have to decide which wallpapers will be good. Be creative and think.

So these were the apps you need. You can go with all of these and try different Widgets, Wallpapers, Icons Pack to match the look.


Now You are ready to bang. Install all of the apps mentioned above. You can follow multiple Video Tutorials for different homescreen setups. Follow them, you will get Idea to customize it in a better way. The more you learn, the better you do. For an idea, you can follow this also.


Hope you love this post. If you get stuck with any option or thing in Nova Launcher about which you don’t know, you can ask in the comment section. I will be glad to help you out. You can also help your friends in Nova Launcher Setup. It will be appreciated by both of us.

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