Torque Pro OBD 2 & Car (v1.8.158) APK Download For Android

Torque pro apk:

Torque is used to connect your OBD 2 engine management as a OBD 2 bluetooth adapter and it is a car performance, vehicle, diagnostics tool. To provide a tracker logs with engine logging this torque can use the GPS, so at any point you can see what you were doing.

Torque pro apk free download:

You can also reset and show a scantool fault code or a DTC by this torque pro apk. The download version of torque pro apk is 5.8. it is updated on last 27th april 2017 and the apk size is 5.4M. This torque apk is developed by efficient drivers. Torque is a free communication app. This app is supported on android 11 or above versions.

Features of torque pro apk:

  • Graph data.
  • Customisable profiles and dashboard.
  • Automatically send the tweets to twitter.
  • Theme support.
  • Heads up display for night time driving.
  • Car dock support.
  • GPS speedometer.
  • Tracking and realtime web upload capability.
  • MPG.
  • Voice alarms and warnings.
  • Turbo boost feature.
  • It can read temparatures of transmission.
  • By using the track recorder plugin you can get video of your journey.
  • Sends the login information to email or web.
  • It won’t suffer from magnetic interference.
  • It works on dell streak, Samsung galaxy tab, Motorola xoom and nook.

How to download the torque pro apk:

You can follow the below steps for downloading the torque pro APK,

  • First open the Google play store on your android device for downloading the APK file.
  • Here you have the one search box for searching the APK file.
  • Then type the torque pro apk on search box.
  • You have seen the torque pro icon and also the related APK files.
  • Then you have to click the install button of torque pro.
  • And then the APK file will be downloaded.
  • And install that app on your android device by setup the settings.
  • Finally you have the torque pro on your device.
  • Let’s enjoy this app by open it.
  • You can also download this torque apk on your ios devices.

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