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  Many scientists believe that now we can study the behavior of a three-year-old childto see whether they will grow up to be criminals. To what extent do you thinkthe human nature produces crimes? how can we prevent children from growingup to be criminals?


  1. 基因论是有点道理的。举例,科学已经证明,某些基因缺陷会导致大脑荷尔蒙的分泌功能紊乱,这会导致人在很小的时候就显示出负面的性格,如缺乏残忍,缺乏同情心和负罪感。在长大之后,这些病态的特征会刺激他们做出暴力的行为。

  2. 然而,父母在塑造孩子思维的过程中同样起到很大作用。举例,糟糕的父母管教,如采用暴力来体罚孩子,会让孩子变得有侵略性,冷漠,以及反社会的思想。

  3。 此外,来自媒体的暴力镜头同样会影响孩子们。举例,电影中人们总是通过犯罪来解决问题,或是获得财富。这扭曲了孩子们的价值观,让他们误以为通过犯罪来谋生是合适的。


  Does a child's performance at the age of 3 decide whether he or she would be acriminal in the future? Personally, I partially agree that gene defects in somecases indeed cause some illegal actions, while it is unwise to attribute all crimes to the gene problem, my reasons will be explored as below。

  Admittedly,to the extent of Geneticism, this assertion is reasonable, because some ofhuman behaviors, attitudes characteristics are determined by DNA, thereis always homeotypical continuity from inappropriate behaviors in childhood tocriminality in adulthood. For example, symptoms of gene-based psychologicalabnormality, which stems from the imbalanced secretion of hormones in brain,can be reflected in the very young age as inattention, restlessness, apathy,the lack of guilt about wrongdoings, unkindness to other children. Inadulthood, there is a high possibility that these morbid emotional traitsevolve into anti-social minds--specifically, disregarding of rights of othersor rules of society, irresponsibility, aggressive personalities andmisperceptions about the right wrong.

  However,I strongly believe this assertion is problematic, for the reason that itcompletely underestimates more fundamental influences of other aspects onchildren after their birth. Firstly, parents always play a key role inchildren’s formative education that directly shapes behaviors, minds valuesof them. For example, poor parenting skills in daily life, such as violence andcorporal punishment, tend to make personalities of children aggressive andrude, even irritable, which might turn into dangerous behaviors anti-socialminds in adulthood.

  Besides,violent contents on the internet, TV programs video games are alsoresponsible for juvenile crimes。 It is because youngsters, unlike adults, arelack of abilities to distinguish right from wrong。 Therefore, too much violencein the virtual world could twist the social values of young viewers。 As aresult, they, more often than not, consider violence as the main or even onlyway to solve problems, thereby leading to crimes。

  Inconclusion, there are more factors that might result in delinquencies of theyouth than genes, the impacts from parents media on children’s growth are biggerthan that from DNA.(360 words)

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