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  More more measures to improve the security in the urban area have been introduced because of the increased crime. Do the benefits of the measures out weigh the drawbacks?







  Nowadays,for the sake of public safety, security facilities, staffs policies areoverwhelming in urban areas. In my view, this trend brings more advantages thanthe disadvantages, my reasons would be explored as below.

  Apparently,the root cause of increasing crimes violence in cities is the inadequacy ofpolice supervision, so that installation of security measures in buildings andstreets are an effective preventive means by which the safety of urbanites willbe improved. Firstly, these measures, such as on-patrol police vehicles, canimmediately catch out stop ongoing illegal activities such as thefts,robberies vandalism, thus reducing the rate of social crimes in open spacedirectly. Secondly, the universal camera-based monitory system that is 24-houravailable plays a key role of deterrent, which reminds the would-be criminalsthat they have no chance to escape from the supervising of police thepunishment of justice, no matter when or where they plan to committee a crime.Therefore, these potential law offenders would give up their evil desires. Inaddition to the values of preventing social crimes, the network consisting ofomnipresent cameras sensors also serves as a function of warners. For example,when there emerges a fire, the security system can provides alarm signals toboth residents inside firefighters, thus helping to save people’s povertylives.

  However,I have to concede that demerits associated with setting more security devicesshould never be ignored, the most worrying aspect is that this behaviorviolates the basic rights of citizens。 In fact, no matter how useful thesemeasures might be in terms of stopping social crimes, they inevitably offendthe human privacy, because they automatically watch record every movementactivity of people。 Obviously, the strong supervision of police monitorsystem is very likely to turn the living environment into a jail-like place,where every trip is traced every private life is peeked。 Expectedly, whaturban residents feel is stress, discomfort, degradation of freedom andwell-being, even unpleasure anger about the government。

  Inconclusion, I believe it is worthy for a city to set up more security measures.Although there is a concern of freedom privacy deprivation to some extent,this method can make great contributions to social-crime prevention, as well asa safer living area.(388)

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