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Whatsapp for PC windows 10/8.1/8 - Click hunk

Whatsapp for PC windows 10/8.1/8

Whatsapp for PC windows 10/8.1/8: Hello, friends let me introduce to you  myself GOVARDHAN will tell u about the WhatsApp for PC, in this post I would like to give more information about the whatsApp Messenger. we already know that it is a platform which helps us chat in the PC and it can easily allow exchanging the messages without any [payments even in an ios mobiles ,back berry, android ,windows, phone etc;

this is same as WhatsApp in phone and  easily used by users, and we can create the groups and images ,audio files etc can be exchanged and recently WhatsApp  encryption also there for WhatsApp to secure the WhatsApp messages from the others an now even  WhatsApp also cant read your conversations, we already know that WhatsApp users are more in number i.e.; every corner in the world all the way e are trying to make easy access of users, and it is becoming more popular from date by day, popularity rate is linearly raised to peaks ,the

the world changed due to generation and now the basic need is internet and the other is WhatsApp with out that our morning and we have many applications like bluestacks which make easy of installation and it doesn’t require more ram, and the most important that you need not to pay a single rupee for this application, it is free on all the websites ,Also you have  to use What’sApp web instead of any other WhatsApp and it is easy to process of scanning code is detailed below  alternative Whatsapp  can be installed  by a special software, and this will work for  all the os i.e.; . it easily runs in old your computers also.

Basically, the what’s app for PC can be installed in two  types one is going to page and the other is to download the new software called bluestacks.

steps to be taken while installing the WhatsApp please follow the steps carefully to install successfully :

step-1: For using in WhatsApp web

firstly, we need to click on the web site (or) URL .

step-2: And later a web page is opened  named as WhatsApp web and the image is clearly shown below

step-3: and its to take your phone where the already what’s app installed and open the app on your phone and click settings in WhatsApp and open WhatsApp web in your phone

step-4: click on the WhatsApp web option on our mobile  and a new window will be appeared shown below

step-5: then scan the code it should at straight otherwise it shows an error otherwise it shows that you are connected as shown below

and enjoy WhatsApp by using the above process .

2- download blue stacks in your computer and use WhatsApp

step-1: download the blue stacks from the Download BlueStacks and then go for  installation process

step-2: login with your mail id  to download any application we need mail id

step:3 -click the search and type that WhatsApp and it show a window

step:4– click to install

step:5-and  the WhatsApp is successfully installed

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